The magic in their hands can make pain vanish in minutes!

Talking Hands, a unique concept of therapeutic healing using the highly developed tactile sensation of the blind. We envision to change the status of skilled visually impaired people in India and Asian countries.

The centre trains the blind and visually impaired women on the several techniques of therapeutic healing methodology that includes oil massage therapy, dry massage therapy, foot reflexology and many more. The women are selected for the course on the basis of a three day assessment in which their basic motor skills , memory retention and grooming is checked. The selected candidates undergo an intensive training for three months. Post this training the girls are placed at beauty salons, corporate houses or clinics.

The Centre runs the Talking Hands Clinic, within its premises for benefiting walk-in clients suffering from muscular pain or similar disorders. The Centre also practices Japanese Medical Manual Therapy(JMMT), an age old holistic technique brought from Japan to treat life style related diseases and ailments.

Experience relief from lifestyle related diseases

  • Muscular Spasm
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Back Pain
  • Sinus/ Migraine
  • Cervical/ Spondylitis
  • Joint Pain

Japanese Medical Manual Therapy


 A blend of traditional Japanese curative therapy, Shiatsu with techniques of meridian pressure and regulate blood circulation and hence releasing pain.Practiced for centuries in Japan and many countries in South East Asia, JMMT is one of the oldest traditional and alternative medicinal approaches. 

Headache Relieving Therapy


Improves circulation to the scalp, enhances blood supply and alleviates pain.

Foot Relaxation Manual Therapy

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Having tired and achy feet due to long standing hours?

With the right finger pressure and kneading techniques on reflex areas, let the pain go away!

Oil Massage Therapy

Oil Massage 2

Provides full body massage for relaxation. Experience the journey from tired to relaxed.

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The training enables the women to pursue a promising career as therapists. We have been able to place girls in clinics, corporate houses, parlours and hospitality sector.


Interning at ITC Maurya, New Delhi

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Placed at PayU, Bangalore

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