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Talking Hands

TALKING HANDS - Hands That Heal

Japanese Medical Manual Therapy


The magic in their hands can make pain vanish in minutes!

Practiced for centuries in Japan and many countries in South East Asia, JMMT is one of the oldest traditional and alternative medicinal approaches.  JMMT is fast becoming a panacea for people suffering from the perils of lifestyle diseases. It is a dry therapy where no oil or cream is applied on the patient’s body. The centre has a small clinic under the banner of Talking Hands where patients of all ages are treated by the trained therapists.

It is an effective natural therapy used for prevention and long term or even permanent relief for many lifestyle problems.

  • Chronic diseases such as stiffness of shoulders, arms, frozen shoulders, muscular spasm
  • Pain in the neck, shoulder, upper back, lowers back, hip, and limbs
  • Insomnia, weak digestion
  • Fatigue eye, Sinus
  • Lethargy, restlessness
  • Obesity
  • Insomnia,
  • Premenstrual symptoms,
  • Migraine


To experience the therapy you may book an appointment.

The therapists, even though visually impaired, are intelligent and harness, channelize and drive their focus to help the world fight pain and gain relief.