We at NAB India, Centre for Blind Women & Disability Studies, understand how difficult it is to take out time from ones busy schedules, however, despite the fact, its inspiring to constantly observe huge number of volunteer influx all through the year.

We humbly appreciate and welcome the generous support and the time devoted by the Volunteers, towards helping the residential trainees at the centre.

Certainly the good deed help the blind women to take another step forward in their life, along with, feeding the soul of a volunteer with contentment and peace.

As they say, the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

"As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

— Audrey Hepburn

It was my first time volunteering. Everything was very new and different for me and I enjoyed every moment spent there.  I have become more understanding and empathetic towards people.

Before volunteering with NAB India, CBW, I used to feel sad about visually impaired persons as my perception was that the disability might be making their life stressful. But now my perception has completely changed and I respect and admire the grit and courage of these brave individuals.

I now try to push my limits rather than giving up and it is a great learning for me.

– JYOTI , B. Tech, 

Textile Technology, IIT, Delhi

Individual Volunteer

  • Campaigns and promotions

    Support us in our campaigns and promotions by reaching their work spaces or educational institutes

  • Research Studies

    Support us in research studies and creating case studies of the women

  • Internship & Placement

    Support the women while internship or placement in traveling, documentation, orientation etc.

  • Training Schedule Planner

    Support in creating training schedules for the trainees and circulating them among the trainees.

  • Book reading or recording

    Book reading or recording the courses books for their daily practices and revision.

  • Form Fill up

    Assist  them in filling up online as well as offline forms for admission/examinations in colleges.

  • Shopping Trip

    Take the women for shopping their necessary daily items as per their requirement.

  • Administrative Support

    There are several administrative work in the NAB India, CBW. The team is constantly receiving calls from visually impaired  women from different parts of the country to register themselves in the courses. Support to maintain their records.

Corporate Volunteer

  • Exposure visits

    We encourage corporate to organise educational or fun trips for the Visually Impaired women trainees. These exposure trips adds to their experience and helps them stay motivated.

    The corporate may also organise exposure visits to the office premises for the visually impaired women to generate awareness among them regarding work space culture.

  • Enhance Inclusiveness at work spaces

    It is very essential for a VI woman to feel secured and safe within a work environment, hence raising the importance of inclusive infrastructure.

    In order to enhance the inclusiveness of office premises as per the safety and security of Visually Impaired employees one can process survey and feedback mechanism and keep on reviewing. This exercise could benefit in making blind friendly office infrastructure.

  • Technical Support

    One important aspect to survive in the present world is technology which is a boon for all visually impaired individuals.

    Offer technical support such as software for VI or any application useful for NAB India, CBW for smooth and easy execution.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    Organize knowledge sharing sessions based on corporate specific domain once in a month.This would help the visually impaired women to uplift their confidence to deal the society.

  • Workshops and Events

    The annual event of NAB India, CBW more known as Ujjwala pools more than hundred of visually impaired crowd to showcase their talent and interact among themselves.

    During such events an extra helping hand is always appreciated. This opportunity is more of an experience to peep into the life of wonderful talented Blind or visually impaired women.

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