Residential Facility

The Girls Are Family!

The centre provides free residential stay to the students during their training. We want our students to be completely stress-free while they learn.


Psychological Upkeep Is our Priority!

The centre pays a lot of attention to the mental health of the girls especially those who have lost their eye sight later in life. It provides counseling session girls from rural and backward sections and to anyone struggling with emotional baggage and trying to cope up with having lost some physical ability. 

Hobby Classes

Their Smile Drives Us!

Girls have light moments in the hobby classes we offer. Whether it is Song, dance, theater, yoga or fitness, we provide a wide range of recreational classes for our girls to choose from and meet their creative potentials.

Placement/ Post Placement Support

Their Independence Is Our Goal!

One very important outcome of the training is placement of the women at their respective work spaces.  NAB Centre not only puts effort towards enabling the women to be professionally equipped but also places them at the particular field they have been trained on. The Centre also supports the women post placement to settle down with work by providing them mobility guidance, orientation of office space, figuring out accommodation and various other necessary support.


The Walk of Confidence!

One might think that, with loss of vision one looses the independence of walking, running and dancing. Well at the centre the women are trained rigorously on their mobility so that they are capable of walking down the streets, boarding merto or public transport and reaching their destination all by themselves.

Support Marriages

Creating Happy Families!

We at the centre understand and value the need of having a family. A family is not only a support system for each one of us but also a mechanism to establish a relation within the society. We encourage women for marriage who are willing to have a loving home for themselves and lead a happy life.


We Have Their Backs!

The centre provides scholarships, which are sponsored by the donors, to needy and deserving blind students for higher education.NAB Centre has provided scholarships to its girls studying in prestigious institutes like Delhi University, JNU and TISS.

Exposure Trip

Live Life To The Fullest!

We at NAB India CBW, believe in the holistic welfare and complete personality development of our students. We take them to all sides of life by arranging various visits to Museums, Art galleries, farmhouses, adventure parks, Army Cant to name a few. These exposures help them to appreciate and develop a deeper understanding of life much beyond the professional training they have received.

Personality Development

Despite Blindness The Girls Bloom!

We offer varied development workshops for our blind students. Some of our workshops include table etiquette, self-defense, sexual health, tips on make-up and clothing. These workshops instill confidence in the girls and give them fair inclusion.


Every human being has a right to live a healthy and peaceful life with equal rights. However, unfortunately persons with disabilities often have to struggle hard for their right to live. They are widely discriminated, judged based on their capabilities, undermined for their existence or taken advantage of.

Under the legal cell, NAB India Centre for Blind Women & Disability Studies opens its doors to hear and handle grievances from blind women . Through this forum they can raise their voice against any injustice happening with them or with any of their fellow blind women.

We are here to support and stand for their rights.

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