Counseling Service for Late Blind Women

Counseling service for women losing sight late in life for better emotional health and to overcome depression and inferiority. Helping in goal-setting and ensuring better parent support so that they can resume their education and careers.

Support for Higher Education

  • Facilitating education of drop outs through National open School
  • Supporting higher education in professional streams, graduation and post graduation
  • Providing scholarship support to deserving students
  • Providing volunteer support for education and library facility to students

Disability Research

We have partnered with several organizations like ERNET (Ministry of IT), NIVH, American India Foundation and others in conducting research on disability since 2008.

Microsoft Cyber Café for the Blind

Computer training, access to Internet, scanning, printing and CD writing facilities for the visually impaired.

NAB Manthan Media Wing

Music, Theatre, Yoga and Meditation and Personality Development Workshops for the visually impaired.

Adosh Memorial Library for the Blind

Books are made available in Braille, e- text and in audio format. Facilities available to record scan and edit books on demand. Availability of Assistive Aids & Appliances such as: Talking Watches, Talking Calculators, Talking Thermometers, Braille Slates, Braille Papers, White Canes, Signature Guides, Blind Friendly Games. Library is equipped with talking computers, Braille printer, prisma – the low vision device, books in print, e-text and Braille.

Medical Camps

Medical Camps held at the centre periodically in association with Rotary South Metropolitan, Inner Wheel Clubs, Individual Doctors and Dr. Shroff’s Eye Care Centre for Eyes, General Check Ups, Gender specific checkups etc.

NAB Devi Working Women Hostel and NAB  J C Dhawan Hostel

The Working women’s Hostel and blind trainees’ hostel can together accommodate forty visually impaired women. The hostel is well equipped with modern amenities and is available to visually impaired women undergoing training at the Centre.

NAB Consortium Guest House

A guest house for travelling executives at the Haus Khas Centre.

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