INSIGHTFUL: A Visual Treat with Visually Impaired.

In collaboration with the Speaking Arts Foundation, an exhibition of imminent artists was inaugurated on 16th March 2022. The exhibition is open to all visitors from 21st March and ends by 30th March.

On 16th March, 15 artists opened up their painting tool kits to paint their respective canvases live. A tactile art workshop was running simultaneously where the visually impaired women made paintings with rollers, braille papers, stamps or scrubbers and other household tools.  Few partially blind women doodled portraits and painted with brush and fingers.


Drishti se Shristi is an initiative by Delhi Customs, IDC Tughlakabad(Import) Commisionerate under which they renovated five blind schools and Hostels under the Swachhta Action Plan of CBIC.

On completion of the project, a ceremony was held at the Centre on 8th March where the guest enjoyed the exhibitions as well as activities presented by the Blind Women on Handicrafts, Braille, Chess, computer learning with JAWS and many more. They thoroughly cheered the girls while the women performed the theatre show. Followed by the formal ceremony the Blind Bake cafe offered evening refreshments for the guests.

We thank the Delhi Customs for renovating the building of NAB India Centre for Blind Women & Disability Studies.


On the occasion of Women’s Day, our Founder Director, Ms. Shalini Khanna Sodhi was invited for a talk on women empowerment at PVR Cinemas.

PINK TOILET is a concept by PVR Nest, to provide a safe and secure provision of toilets for women.


On the eve of International Women’s Day, a two-day awareness exhibition was held at MMTC office premises where the Centre had put up Handicrafts stall, Blind Bake Cafe, Talking Hands and Discovering Hands. The Talking Hands and Discovering Hands continued for the whole week where a lot of women came forward to experience the pain-relieving therapy and got themselves screened to detect early signs of breast cancer. It was an eye-opening event for all the visitors to watch the potential visually impaired women working so efficiently.

As a token of appreciation the blind therapists and the Medical Tactile Examiners were also rewarded with silver coins by MMTC.

Parties and get together in the BLIND BAKE Cafe

The recently opened open space cafe welcomes visitors to host parties or get together and relish the wonderful cuisines made by the Blind Chefs of the Centre.


This camp is organized in association with NAB India Centre for Blind Women, by Bayer India Foundation which runs a project of telehealth medicine at a primary health center. The Tactile Breast Examinations are absolutely free of cost for women. Total 60 registrations have been made for the one-week-long camp. The team of two MTEs is accompanied by Dr. Rekha Goyal for cross-examination and further proceedings.


NAB India Centre for Blind Women and Disability Studies, celebrated Braille Day with a dictation competition. Everyone participated in this competition with lots of joy and enthusiasm as Braille opens several doors towards knowledge and self-reliance.


On December 11, NAB India Centre for Blind Women opened its gates to welcome everyone to step in, to an extraordinary experiential Zone.
The excited crowd, especially the young children, were keen to explore the fun-filled activities organized by the Centre. The audience was overwhelmed to learn Braille, play chess with the visually impaired on the tactile chessboard, identify spices blindfolded. They also loved to bead their own neckpieces and bracelets at the counter. It was amazing to watch people fumbling with the shortcut commands while the visually impaired women taught them interesting shortcut commands. The ongoing Christmas carols and musical performances added a sparkle to the entire event.
Along with the fun games, there were also awareness booths set up where our Medical Tactile Examiners explained the concept of Discovering Hands and the Talking Hands Therapists tirelessly rendered their therapy demonstration to the visitors.

My Story Session: Ms. Gunjan Shakya

n the session of ‘My Story’ ,NAB India Centre for Blind Women & Disability Studies, proudly presented the story of Ms. Gunjan Shakya, Manager at Bank of Baroda. Gunjan, lost her sight at a very tender age of thirteen. Even though it was a very shocking event in her life, she gave no room for depression to engulf her spirit and strength.
In this session she spoke about her life’s journey, starting from her schooling where because of her, the school became more inclusive, where she received assistance and support from all her teachers and students. She enrolled here in NAB India Centre for Blind Women after 10 years of loosing her sight. She believes those days were her best days of life as the trainings gave her a new perception towards life. Initially it was very difficult for her to adjust in the new environment but gradually she learnt to deal with it. It was NAB where she learnt Braille, followed by computer. Once she completed the mobility training, it gave her immense joy to walk around independently with the help of white cane. At NAB India Centre she also participated in beauty contest of UJJWALA function. All these exposure helped her carve her personality, because of which she is confident and content in life.
At a very young age she discovered her strong knack towards writing. While, her passion for writing continued, she began writing for a band of disabled artists in Mumbai, wrote lyrics for their home production, it went on to bloom in future, ending up to write lyrics for some brands like T-series and Big-Bazar.
All the attendees of the session were very impressed as well as inspired by the story narrated by Ms. Gunjan herself.


DAISY players are used to play DAISY audio books and are designed to be used by people with print impairments. They are suitable for people with reading difficulties resulting from dyslexia, but primarily they are designed for people with visual impairments. As such DAISY players tend to have large, clearly marked buttons that are easy to find through touch. DAISY readers also play standard audio books and music CDs.
A session on Daisy Player was organised at NAB India Centre for Blind Women & Disability Studies, in order to acquaint the trainees with the device for their ease in use. In this session they were trained on various basic features and usage of the device. For the first time the trainees held the device in their hand, learned how to turn on, how to set language, record , set the time etc. The session was attended by all the trainees of the centre along with students of NAB Chitra Vihar who were also present.
This was a very informative which would benefit the Visually Impaired trainees in the long run.


NAB India Centre for Blind Women wishes you all a very Happy and Joyful HOLI.

The women trainees of the Centre celebrated Holi with lots of cheers and shrills. It was a very happy moment for all the women to gather and have fun with everyone including their trainers. They enjoyed the song, the fun and obviously the Gujias.

Experiencing Colours Differently

Its is very simple for a sighted person to distinguish items by relating them with colours. Now just imagine how would the persons with visual impairment or blindness learn, the concept of colour and work of art.  It was a mesmerizing and jaws dropping sight to watch the visually impaired women learned to paint using diiferent colours. The whole workshop was managed by one of our esteemed Board Member, Ms. Anita Goyal, who herself is an artist. She believes any form of art, works like a stress buster which further helps you grow from within.

The women were asked to draw or paint, based on their imagination. Interestingly they made lotus, sceneries, fruits and many more. It was not just about their imagination but also about an experience to hold a brush and give random strokes to create a master piece. The whole experience gave them a lot of happiness and joy.


We find it easier to learn when we experience things with a live demonstration. The trainees of NAB India, Centre for Blind Women were given an opportunity to visit Sai Gadgets, at Khan Market to experience the wide range of gadgets available.

The Centre runs a very promising and highly technical training program of Customer Care Executive, where the women are trained on acquiring the skills on computers, using multiple softwares, grooming themselves, learning soft skills and many more. Once placed, mostly they are responsible to handle clients facing difficulties with their gadgets or appliances and hence there is a requirement to have an in depth knowledge of phones or other gadgets.

With the advancement of technology, we are overcoming the hindrances faced by many persons with disabilities. The blind women who have opted the Customer Care Executive(CCE) training program, were exposed to Alexa for the first time and learnt a lot about the features. They personally interacted with the devise and watched how it practically functions which enhanced their understanding of the gadget which would further enable them to help people facing issues related to the gadget. They were also trained by the experts on different phone features, like call divert, call forward, call filter, flight mode , about SIMs and many more. Such exposure visits enhance and boost the confidence of the trainees. We thank SAI Gadgets for their time and effort which has benefitted the blind women in gaining a whole new experience to learn differently. 


NAB India Centre for Blind Women & Disability Studies got an opportunity to demonstrate the technique of Discovering Hands, Talking Hands, Handicrafts and the café products, to the women employees of E.I.L. on the eve of International Women’s Day (8th March) and the following day(9th March).

The objective of the exhibition was to create awareness among the employees of E.I.L. and experience the unique programmes running in the Centre. We had set up stalls of cafe where people could taste cakes and place order. There was also a small counter where the Medical Tactile Examiners explained the technique of Tactile Breast Examination. The people were very keen to experience the demonstration of Japanese pain relieving therapy given by the blind therapists. What was most liked by the crowd were the beautiful artifacts and handicraft items made by the visually impaired women.


In the month of love, NAB INDIA CENTRE FOR BLIND WOMEN & DISABILITY STUDIES brings to you all a unique activity Blind Bake.

We are ideating and creating these events for you to experience the world of blind women and help in creating an inclusive society for all. BLIND BAKE is one such event where you could learn baking from the blind women chefs. As a corporate, this could be the best gift you could give to your staff while driving the message of inclusivity at your workplace.

Republic Day Celebration!

We become a true Indian when we follow and respect our constitution which has been governing our fundamental rights.

The trainees of the NAB India Centre for Blind Women & Disability Studies, celebrated Republic Day with happiness and joy. We are grateful to our chief guest Mr. Sanjay Gupta, GM, CSR, GAIL India, who was present there for the occasion and encouraged the women. The women of the Centre portrayed a small snippet on the great Lala Lajpat Rai’s life through a skit presentation. They also presented patriotic songs on the occasion.

World Braille Day Celebration at Centre

World Braille Day is observed on January 4 every year to mark the birth anniversary of Louis Braille, the inventor of Braille language. The first World Braille Day was celebrated on January 4 in 2019 after it got approval from the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

World Braille Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the issues impacting those who are blind or visually impaired within our society. The invention of braille has transformed accessibility for those with visual impairments and promotes equal opportunities. It is hoped that by highlighting the methods which we can implement to support those who are blind, the world will make greater attempts to promote inclusion.

On this eve, NAB India Centre for Blind Women, organised an essay writing competition in Braille on the given topic ‘Louise Braille’. They all read out their piece of essay to other women in Braille. This small exercise helped them know more about Loiuse Braille, who has always been an inspiration to the whole world.

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

With new hopes, new dreams, new wishes let us all begin a cheerful and merrier New Year. We leave behind the sore memories and struggles, paving our new path towards a brighter happier future for all of us.

This Christmas we share more joy happiness and love

It was truly a merry Christmas for the blind women at the Centre. They had joy, they had fun, and enjoyed to their heart’s content meeting Santa and friends.

The Online Series of 'My Story' by the Blind Women, validates that
Courage is like magic, courage vanishes crisis.

Waking up with a disability might seem depressing to many, however if one has the strength support and desire to overcome their despair they will stand out only to be unique. NAB India Centre for Blind Women has introduced a series of online session, “My Story” , on inspiring blind women sharing their journey towards success while walking the twisted path destined for them.

In these sessions we celebrate these unsung courageous women at the same time motivate the women undergoing the similar troubles in their walk of life.

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