At a very young age Neetu Garg had to give up her studies. She could not complete her schooling because of her partial blindness in childhood. She was struggling with commuting to school, reading in low light, writing, giving exams. Her doctors had restricted her from giving stress to her eyes.

One of her father’s acquaintances introduced them to NAB centre for blind women. After joining the centre she learnt how to read and write in Braille, about which she was not aware earlier. At the age of forty she showed the courage of resuming her studies and finally appeared for 10thCBSE board exams and cleared.

Besides learning Braille she also went through the various training of the centre like English speaking classes, computer classes, home science and handicraft. She mostly enjoyed the SPA training provided by the centre.

Soon her interest in Spa massages took her to a new level.  The well known payment gateway company PAYU Money, Gurgaon, appointed her as a masseur in their office premises. She helped their employees relax and rejuvenate during the stressful working hours.

Her success will always echo and inspire others.

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