1. Mr. Ramakrishna                                   Hony. Secretary Genl
  2. Gen. (Retd) O P Malhotra                      Chairperson
  3. Lt. Gen. Chander Kapur                         Vice Chairperson
  4. Ms. Devyani Sarkar                              Founder Trustee/ Vice Chair
  5. Ms. Shalini Khanna                                Hony. Secy./ Director
  6. Mr. Ramesh Batra                                  Advisory  Member
  7. Mr. Gobind Shahani                               Advisory Member
  8. Mr. Manjit Singh Sawhney                     Advisory Member
  9. Ms. Pamela Bhandari                            Advisory Member
  10. Ms. Aneeta Goyal                                  Advisory Member
  11. Ms. Sulochana Mansi Agarwal               Advisory Member


2. SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE Every year a few deserving needy students are given a scholarship assistance so as to support higher education. The amount is disbursed after a proper scrutiny and assessment of the applicant for the said service. This is done by a committee comprising of Mrs Veena Mehta Verma, a vision impaired person working as HR Manager in NTPC and also acting as a counselor to the centre students and Mrs Suniti Karnik, who is involved in the NASSCOM Foundation.

3.  WOMEN’S RESEARCH & ADVOCACY FORUM was started at the Centre to not only spearhead diverse researches but also conceive training, advocacy and awareness programmes which are required to take the cause of gender and disability to another level of equality and awareness. Members of the Forum are a varied group of women, both sighted and vision impaired who are either studying or working at various places and converge for the meetings at the centre as and when planned and scheduled.