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NAB Profile

At the NAB Centre for Blind Women and Disability Studies, we believe in the aspirations and dreams of women with disability and their potential to lead a free and independent life. Women and girls with Disability are doubly disadvantaged in society based on their gender and disability. The Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations Convention on Persons with Disability call for removing all barriers and creating an inclusive environment especially for women and girls with disability.

We work to equip both educated and uneducated women with visual impairment with life skills, employment based training, professional and technical skills, and a strong lifelong support network to help them realise their true potential and become an integral part of our society.

We are residential unit of the NAB India based in Hauz Khas, New Delhi.

Skill Development Training

Professional and technical skills empower the Visually Impaired Women to live a fulfilling and independent life.

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We have partnered with several organizations like ERNET (Ministry of IT), NIVH, American India Foundation and others for conducting job mapping and research on disability.


We offer various services, for and by the blind, at the centre. Counseling for late blind women, Talking Hands- Japanese Medical Manual Therapy clinic, Discovering Hands – Medical Tactile Breast examination services and more.

Residential Centre

The centre provides residential facility to more than 40 visually impaired women as well as regular exposure to music, theatre, yoga, meditation and personality development workshops.